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Hi. We're Pete and Monique. We're shameless promoters and proud of it.

People most often come to see us and tell us ‘I really need to get myself out there’.  We know that what they really mean is that they need salesAnd they need them immediately. 

To get more sales, you need more qualified leads. To get more qualified leads, you need a better attraction marketing strategy and an ability to harness the power of digital tools to drive those leads to you while you sleep. 

Sound overwhelming? JUST BREATHE. As your media and communications mindset coaches, we’ll teach you everything you need to know, show you how to achieve your goals and be your accountability buddies to ensure you actually ‘get there’. 


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I’m A Personal Brand

Personal brands are based around your own personality or offerings.  Maybe you are an influencer, coach, speaker or you use your name in your brand and need to stand out. usually your brand is also your product, you are selling yourself to everyone you can, everywhere.
We do famous

I HAVE A Business Brand

Business brands often have multiple products and offerings under the umbrella of the business brand, however the main business brand is more important than the products.
The business brand is the one you want on everybody’s lips by focussing on building brand equity.
We do famous

I HAVE A Product BraND

Product brands have distinct needs for promotion and branding as each product needs to be the “HERO”.  Learn how to stand out as the go to product in your vertical. Sometimes your business is also your product, it only matters that people know.

It's All About sales

At the end of the day, we know it’s really all about sales.

We Do Famous is all about promoting you and your brand, business or products through storytelling to be the most remembered so you are the first choice in the minds of your consumers. 

What Do YOU Need


Are you ready to learn your way to success, find out how to market your own business and grow your empire, we can help and support you.


Are you are looking to up skill a person or multiple roles within your organisation to build your in house capacity and take on the world.


For all of our coaching clients who just need their marketing taken care of, let us take care of it all for you,. We will manage your projects to suit your needs.

What We Do

We Help You Get Yourself Out There

Respect the hustle!  Every day you have the opportunity to tell your unique story, promoting your brand, business and products, reaching your ideal customer.  But where do you start?  Upskill your way to success with #wedofamous and take control of your media and marketing by harnessing your mindset to always be on, selling yourself every day.  If you need extra help, we are there be it in coaching you or even sorting out the tasks needed to build your success online.


Our 9 programs for learning have been carefully and cleverly constructed to be effective and precise, giving you a framework for business success.


Our media and communications mindset coaching will take your business to the next level. Our two on one sessions are designed to build confidence and clarity.


As coaching clients, you can upgrade to our done-for-you services and we will take care of all your digital needs, websites, videos and social media .

how we support you

Through a combination of online courses, targeted advisory sessions, workshops, bootcamps and subscriptions, we facilitate you to “Get Out There” and GET FAMOUS.  As our hashtag says: #wedofamous

ONLINE Courses


Online Courses

Take one off online courses or subscribe to access all of our 9 core modules that will build success at your own pace to suit your needs.



Virtual and In Real Life

Our coaching sessions are based on our 9 modules. Working directly with Pete and Monique to help build your successful business.

Ongoing Subscription


Choose Your Subscription

Choose from a single offering or combine all of our coaching and courses into one easy monthly subscription to support you.

Our Programs

Explore our programs designed to help you build your businesses.

Famous for being famous

That’s not really what it’s all about.  You need to have value and you need to provide value.

We Do Famous provides value by ensuring your message if right, your customers know who you are and exactly what you deliver to them.

Who Are We

Your Mindset Coaches

Pete Ward and Monique Bradley are your media and communications mindset coaches. Combining successful careers in the film industry, IT and education, training, performing arts, entertainment and theatre Pete and Monique class themselves as accidental marketers.

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