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Hi. We're Pete and Monique. We're shameless promoters and proud of it.
We're all about Supercharging Your Sales.

As communications and media mindset coaches we build brands, bigger & better, through coaching, training and promotion.  We make sure you have your message right, your audience right and then we make sure the world knows about you.

It's All About sales

At the end of the day, we know it’s all about sales. #wedofamous specialises in promoting you and your brand, business or products through authentic storytelling and increased visibility, building trust and credibility, and ensuring yours is the brand most remembered. We want you to become the first choice in the minds of your consumers so that when it comes time to make a purchase, they choose you.


We do famous

I’m A Personal Brand

Personal brands are based around your own personality or offerings.  Maybe you are an influencer, coach, speaker or you use your name in your brand and need to stand out. usually your brand is also your product, you are selling yourself to everyone you can, everywhere.
We do famous

I HAVE A Business Brand

Business brands often have multiple products and offerings under the umbrella of the business brand, however the main business brand is more important than the products.
The business brand is the one you want on everybody’s lips by focussing on building brand equity.
We do famous

I HAVE A Product BraND

Product brands have distinct needs for promotion and branding as each product needs to be the “HERO”.  Learn how to stand out as the go to product in your vertical. Sometimes your business is also your product, it only matters that people know.

Who Are We

Your Mindset Coaches

Pete Ward and Monique Bradley are your media and communications mindset coaches. Combining successful careers in sales, the film industry, IT and education, training, entertainment and TV shopping, Pete and Monique class themselves as ‘accidental marketers’ ready to empower others.

pete ward monique bradley we do famous


Behind the scenes is a couple of passionate, positive party people with a long history in media, marketing, music, IT, TV, advertising, content creation, TV shopping, online broadcasting, brand development, comedy and events hosting and MC work.

They’re educators, disruptors, truth seekers and knowledge junkies who aren’t afraid to do the hard work and make a difference. 

Monique Bradley and Pete Ward have helped many brands succeed. They were one of the first companies in the market to deliver multi camera live streaming in NZ and since 2016 have reached more than 200 million people worldwide.  They’ve grown e-commerce stores for themselves and their clients and have had many outstanding successes along the way.

They know how to spin a yarn and grow a brand, and thanks to their combined professional experience, have helped many brands get noticed and get sales.

What We Do

Respect the hustle!  Every day you have the opportunity to tell your unique story, promote your brand, business and products and reach your ideal customer.  But where do you start?  Upskill your way to success with #wedofamous and take control of your media and communications by harnessing your mindset to always be ‘on’, selling yourself effortlessly, every day.

Through a combination of online courses, targeted advisory sessions, workshops, bootcamps and subscriptions, we facilitate and support you to ‘get out there’ and GET FAMOUS.  As our hashtag says: #wedofamous!

ONLINE Courses


Online Courses

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Our coaching sessions are based on our 9 modules. Working directly with Pete and Monique to help build your successful business.

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