Only the most famous brands, personalities and products are the most remembered.  This converts into sales. It’s your time to shine.

It's Time To Get Yourself Out There

Learn how we do it- and how you can do it for yourself

At WE DO FAMOUS we help you go from the next best kept secret to the name on everyone’s tip of the tongue, learn the secret success formula that all successful personalities, famous brands and every multi million unit selling products implement.  We support you through online resources, video, lessons, virtual consults and in real life mentoring sessions.



I’m A Personal Brand

Personal brands are based around your own personality or offerings.  Maybe you are an influencer, coach, speaker or you use your name in your brand and need to stand out. usually your brand is also your product, you are selling yourself.

I’m A Business Brand

Business brands often have multiple products and offerings under the umbrella of the business brand however the main business brand is more important than the products. The business brand is the one you want on everybody’s lips.

I’m A Product Brand

Product brands have distinct needs for promotion and branding as each product needs to be the “HERO”.  Learn how to stand out as the go to product in your vertical. Sometimes your business is also your product, it only metters that people know.

It's All About sales

At the end of the day, it’s really all about sales.

We Do Famous is all about teaching you how to promote yourself and your brand or product to be the most remembered so you are the first choice in the minds of your consumers. 

What We Do

We provide advisory services across 3 areas of expertise, Brand, Digital and Media.  Through a combination of online courses, targeted advisory sessions, bootcamps and subscriptions, we facilitate you to “Get Yourself Out There” and GET FAMOUS.  As our hastag says: #wedofamous

brand advisory

Brand Advisory

Understand how to position your brand in the marketplace, brand is more than your logo, it’s your promise to deliver.

Digital Advisory

Ensure your digital strategy is up to date and effective. Build your digital online presence the right way.

Media Advisory

Learn how to prepare content present in front of camera. Show off yourself and your brand in the best light.

how do we help you?

ONLINE Courses


Online Mini Courses

Take one off mini courses or subscribe across all of our content, design your own solution online.

Advisory Sessions

Virtual and In Real Life

Targeted advisory sessions including launch bootcamps, monthly sessions and one off advice and projects.

Ongoing Subscription


Choose Your Subscription

Choose from a single offering or combine all of our advisory and couses into one easy monthly subscription.