Hi and welcome

It’s Pete and Monique here. We appreciate you taking this opportunity to find out the easy way, all of the accidental learnings we have stumbled through over the past 10 years in business together.

We started out together as musicians and performers, Monique was also an award winning children’s entertainer as a magician with a stage name of Zappolina.

How it began

Pete: I have a background in IT, over 24 years now, and as we needed to promote ourselves to build our business up, get gigs and pay the rent, we started making videos, building websites, setting up social media channels etc, and people noticed and started asking us, “can you do that for us?”.

We kind’ve said, “I suppose so” and overnight we started our digital marketing company. In fact I remember the first video we did for a client was done on an iPad. Since then we’ve collectively filmed and produced over 1500 videos including 2 seasons of our TV show – Guide To Better Living – developed many many websites, ecommerce stores and even an online magazine.

Monique: Monique to write

It’s all about sales

Business is all about sales, if you aren’t making sales you are going out of business. Pete had personal oversight of an education program that as well as facilitating over 12,000 students to gain a nationally recognised qualification, it was a raging numbers success with more than $62,000,000 worth of sales. Yes that is $62 MILLION dollars. Pete has developed what he likes to call “The last sales and marketing strategy that you will ever need”. Dubbed “The Boat Theory”, we will go into this later on in this course as it is the foundations for everything you will learn.

Monique on the other hand remembers practicing her sales pitches from the back of product boxes and containers from at least the age of 6 onwards. As a practitioner of Conscious Communications and a life long learner, Monique has developed a unique formula of communications that can be used across every media platform and medium to enhance your sales process and bring better results. Called “The 5 I’s”, we will share more on that soon and you will learn why it is a game changer.

Accidental learners

We started on our journey of learning, and as it progressed, we purchased new equipment, spent the hours to learn our craft, luckily Pete’s background as a sound engineer made the audio side easy. We developed brands of our own and pushed them out through social media, building our client base, developing websites, making video content and social media management to help drive sales and build publicity.

So this whole Accidental Marketer’s Academy thing

What we have discovered and recognised is every business owner we talk to goes into business because the are either good at something or passionate about something. Take for example a jewellery brand or swim ware or perhaps a cocktail company, they are all excellent and passionate about their respective products.

Suddenly they discover, as you will have, and indeed we did, that we all need to market ourselves, products, brands and business to drive sales. This is all a new thing for all of us unless you are lucky enough to have a marketing background before starting your company. We didn’t so we had to learn pretty quick. That’s why we are sharing all of our learnings to you so you can fast track your marketing learning and get right on to making sales and being successful.

YESSHOP, TV shopping and ecommerce

Monique has a love of sales, starting in retail from early adulthood. She was fortunate to land a role as a TV shopping host on a Korean owned shopping channel, YESSHOP, broadcasting into New Zealand and Australia. Of course Monique excelled and often sold out on LIVE TV.


Once the shopping channel shut down, Pete – with his IT hat on – mused “digital video is only 1s and 0s, that sounds like IT to me, I shall make you your very own Internet based TV channel”. Which is exactly what happened. Monique christened it as “come and get your fix of ……..(insert topic here” similar to getting your fix of caffeine etc) and yourfix.tv was born in 2016, broadcasting live shows and prerecorded content for both clients and yourfix.tv produced content through Youtube and multiple Facebook pages and profiles. We quickly realised the live streaming demonstrations of products, cooking, interviews etc would be the future of sales.

Since then the combined reach of these social broadcasts are well over 200,000,000 sets of eyes. Yes over 200 MILLION impressions. Some of our clients range from charities like Diabetes NZ, Retina NZ and Kidney Kids through to New Zealand PR companies Saatchi & Saatchi, Goode PR, Panic PR, Masterchef judges Ray McVinne and Simon Gault and Brands such as Delonghi, Kenwood, Alexandra Park along with local businesses and celebrities like My Remedy’s Lynette Hil, Jordan Rondel aka The Caker, Claire Turnbull (TV nutritionist) and many more.

Face TV Sky Channel 83

More recently We Do Famous Limited has partnered with Face TV Sky Channel 83 run by Gerard Smith, a well known rock star from the 60’s and 70s from a band called The Rumour. We have been successful in broadcasting multiple shows directly to Face TV AND to social media Facebook and Youtube LIVE at the same time.

Putting It All Together

The following course outlays all of our foundation theories, tools, methodologies and recommendations to help you though the pathway to mastering being an accidental marketer like us.

Starting with our core foundation modules, we are going to step you though everything we have learned, 1 piece at a time, allowing you to consolidate your learning by taking action right away. We know it works because we’ve been doing it for longer than the 10 years we have partnered together.

Once you move through the foundations course, you can branch out and hone in to specific topics where we really focus in on each topic. Whether you need to create videos for your marketing material, need to go on camera, want to know how to increase sales or learning the digital tools you can harness to boost your business, we have you covered.

Foundations Learning Outcomes

By completing our foundations course you will understand and be able to communicate and implement the following:

  • Your 3 core values
    • The value you have
    • The value you give
    • The value of your identity as part of your business
  • Identify what you are really selling
  • The 5 I’s of messaging
  • The Boat theory
  • The Tri brand methodology
  • Identifying your ideal client
  • The 1 2 3 sales funnel success model
  • Understanding the customer journey
  • The 5 R’s for content creation