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All of our training is delivered through our online academy which is a unique combinations of our core modules along with additional virtual coaching and  IRL (in real life mentoring and coaching) for our VIP clients.

Sign up for a subscription package and you’ll gain access to the modules and the level of coaching that best suits you, to enable you to create the results you are looking to achieve.


All of our courses are designed to deliver the best learning outcomes across a variety of learning styles.  From online videos to mixed mode methodologies including virtual and in real life coaching sessions that accompany the online video content through to LIVE interactive workshop sessions. All of our learning modules are designed to be student directed and include videos, worksheets and workbooks as needed.


Our coaching session are delivered as individual sessions with you at the centre. Normally we meet every week but we can be flexible to suit your timetable and outcomes.  Depending on your capabilities and specific topic or topics you are seeking to learn, we can tailor all of our sessions to cover ALL of your desired learning outcomes within the limitations of the session time available.


We offer both virtual training workshops as well as in real life sessions based on what we have discovered are the ‘foundations’ that all self marketers, entrepreneurs or small business owners should know to grown their brand’s presence and support their sales process. 

We deliver workshops designed to focus in to one specific area of competency to match your needs.  From social media, blogs, video and more we offer a wide range of updated workshop topics that are always based on what is going on in the market right now.


When it’s time to deep dive into a single topic, we offer masterclass sessions that focus only onto 1 main issue to identify and resolve your marketing pain point.

From video strategy, elevator pitches, podcasts, digital marketing secrets, audience building, video filming and editing for business we have it covered and are always developing more modules as we get feedback from business owners and accidental marketers alike.


Our campaigns are for everyone who wants to “GET THEMSELVES OUT THERE!

We focus on 3 campaigns that align with our 1, 2, 3, simple sales funnel that we share and discuss in our training.

  1. Publicity Campaign -> Aligns to our brand awareness at the top of funnel
  2. Sales & Marketing Campaign – > Aligns with our engagement in the middle of the funnel
  3. Advertising Campaign – > Aligns with our conversion at the bottom of the funnel


Campaign Components

Plan, Produce and Promote are our 3 key components for each campaign.  

  • Plan: We work with you and determine your ideal outcomes, reach (numbers of eyes on your brand), target demographics, size of audience and of course budgets.  We then look at the individual components such as digital platforms, TV, advertising, organic reach, blogs, podcasts, advertising and video content that you will need to achieve your goals.
  • Produce: We then get to work, producing any of the content needed, including blog content, videos, ad copy etc, setting up infrastructure and organising digital and TV placements as required.  There’s a lot that goes on here.
  • Promote: Now it’s time to start the promotions. Utilising the plan and content, we set about getting the visibility you’ve been looking for, based on the KPIs we set with you at the beginning of the project.  It’s full stream ahead.

Training & Coaching

Of course we can train you to run your own campaigns or sit beside you and coach you through the process of setting up campaigns for your own business.

Our Platforms and Audiences


Our Youtube channel is a monetised channel, featuring more than 1000 videos and live streams and has had over 1,000,000 views, allowing us to build affinity audiences.  These audiences are mainly female, 25-60, interested in beauty, family, fashion, homes, food and cooking and education.

Youtube paid advertising is a great way to get your video content ‘out there’ using display ads and pre, mid and post roll ads that can be targeted to run on any monetised channel and targeted towards interests, demographics and geographical areas (eg, New Zealand only).

Sky Channel 83 Face TV

We have partnered with Face TV to offer both program content and advertising opportunities.  Face TV has a regular viewership of over 115,000, monthly.  Defined as a ‘Boomer audience’, they are interested in current affairs, news, world issues and local programs.  Many of the programs on Face TV are not available on any other NZ TV channels.  Their interests range from homes, to family content, insurance and health, cooking, boating and auto. It’s the perfect channel for people wanting to target the 55+ age market who have content, products, business or services that are business or lifestyle focused. 

Facebook & Instagram

We own multiple Facebook pages and Instagram profiles that can be utilised to further promote content, as needed.  We have published extensive video content in the form of both live streams as well as pre-recorded content, and can use these views to build a unique targeted audience for each client that we work with.  This ensures that we can build you an audience who is ‘warm and interested’ in your business, product, brand or service, due to previous interactions with our brand and videos. Basically: based on their viewer behaviour, data shows us what they’re most interest in and our job is to ensure that if you and your brand is the right match, you get in front of them.  

It also allows us to build a “Look Alike” audience which, put simply, is an expanded audience that ‘looks similar’ to people who have already viewed and engaged with us.  This means they have the same interests and are more likely to engage again. Paid advertising is the best option to reach this audience and we have this available as a component of our campaigns.

We also have the ability to retarget advertising to people who have visited our websites, triggering what is called a ‘pixel’ – a tracking pixel that records activity on these sites.

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