Tame Your Technology

Technology rules the world, sometimes it can feel overwhelming and out of control. Learn how to harness the power at your fingertips to build a solid business that is future proofed.


Getting retail Ready

You know you have a great product and now you need to take it to market and build sales.  Whether this is in your own retail space, online ecommerce or through distributors through to other retail stores, it can be daunting to say the least.
Understanding margins, dealing with shipping, contracts and distribution are all things you will need to know through to retail Point Of Sale (POS) display and even EFTPOS and barcode requirements need to be considered.


Let’s Go Live

There is no denying that LIVE social broadcasting is here to stay and is fast becoming the most effective tool to reach your potential audience, drive leads, capture sales and generally stay relevant to your audience.
Through podcasts, live streams through YouTube, TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitch, Facebook and many other channels, you can be live and spreading the word about your business, brand and products. You can even sell through ecommerce, directly from a live video. Learn how to harness the power of going LIVE.

evolving your empire

Evolving your empire

Is now the time to pivot, or even better, GROW? Whether you’re a start up, solopreneur, small team or enterprise level business, having extra pairs of advisory eyes and ears outside of your business can be the board or advisory level support you need to hit your goals and beyond! Through this coaching program you’ll lean on the shoulders and expertise of business and marketing growth industry leaders, ready to step you through a linear process towards success!

pimping your presentation

Pimping your presentation

Through this foundation coaching program we look at your goals and aims for when it comes time to deliver your presentation or keynote and provide tried and tested processes and frameworks to ensure that your content is compelling, engaging, entertaining and to the point, all framed around your unique speaking style!

simplifying your selling

Simplifying your selling

Do you struggle to promote yourself or SELL? Then this foundation course is for you! Through this training, we dive into some of your self limiting beliefs around ‘getting yourself out there’, boost your self worth with game changing reprogramming and help you establish your worth, all while establishing a sustainable digital ecosystem to help drive your sales process!

demystifying your digital

Demystifying your digital

Anyone can post on social media platforms however knowing what to say, when, is critical when it comes to getting cut through online. Are you using the right tools or channels to connect with your ideal client? How are you attracting them? Through this foundational training course we help you uncover what you already know, discover any gaps in your learning and cover what you need to know to get better brand awareness, engagement and start driving your own sales leads. Even better, you don’t need to be super technically minded to make this work!

mastering your message

Mastering your message

Struggling with how to position yourself at networking events, online or on camera? Our ‘Mastering your message’ foundation training is a great place to start, enabling us to dive deeply into the value you give your clients, simplify your message so people actually understand what you do, while giving you the tools to transform your content based on who you’re in front of!

confidence on camera

Confidence on camera

Through this foundation coaching program we guide you through the key components required to help you look and feel confident on camera while delivering content in a style that is authentic to you!

Foundations modules

We Do Famous Foundations Course

Start here with our 12 foundation modules that underpin our methodology at We Do Famous. 12 modules in 12 hours to build the basic foundations of everything you will learn.