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Are you struggling to get clarity with your business or get the wheels turning?

Ready to supercharge your sales?

There are many things you can do right NOW to help your business grow and one of the most important first steps is to assess your current situation and figure out what needs to be improved and changed.

What you can learn by doing weekly and monthly self audits is whether you need to revise your marketing strategy, focus on customer service, or adjust your pricing. You’ll be able to see really quickly and really easily what has been working and what hasn’t!

You may need to consider looking for new opportunities for growth, such as expanding into new markets, developing new products, or offering additional services. Your self audits are a way to help you uncover where you may be stuck and give you the space to come up with a solution.

This FREE Business Audit Progress Template contains both Monthly and Weekly worksheets to help you unpack your challenges, find areas for growth and kickstart you into moving in the right direction again. There’s also a place for celebrating the wins and gratitude, as both practices are important when it comes to getting yourself out of a funk and remembering WHY you got into business in the first place. These are the exact worksheets we use every week and every month, to ensure we’re on track with our progress and to start uncovering new opportunities.

Remember: as entrepreneurs and busy business owners, we often forget to look into this self-reflective type of work and yet it is as equally important to stay organized, track your progress, hustle AND tap into how you FEEL about the work you are doing. So make your audits a ritual and relish the clarity and the results!

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